Modeling Earth's post-glacial rebound



Efforts to mathematically model the Earth's post-glacial rebound, or, in general, long-term planetary-scale viscoelastic deformations, have been ongoing for several decades. Unfortunately, research in the post-glacial rebound community has not been characterized by much exchange of knowledge. Groups around the world have developed their code independently, sometimes with profoundly different approaches, occasionally leading to inconsistent results [e.g., Boschi et al., 1999].

Postglacial Rebound Calculator (TABOO) is a post-glacial rebound software that is being made freely available (through Samizdat Press at in the hope that it might become a common reference for all post-glacial rebound researchers. TABOO is portable and has been tested on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems; all it requires is a Fortran90 compiler supporting quadruple precision. The software is easy to use. It comes with a detailed guide that can work as a quick reference cookbook, and it is also accompanied by a textbook, The Theory Behind TABOO, collecting the most significant theoretical results from post-glacial rebound literature. TABOO is not a “black-box,” although it may easily be used as such. The entire source code is provided and should be easy to understand for intermediate-level Fortran programmers.