A new AGU book, Water: Science, Management and Policy, edited by Richard Law ford, Denise Fort, Holly Hartmann, and Susanna Eden, explores the scientific and political issues behind water use and sustainability worldwide. The book investigates critical issues facing water managers, policy makers, and scientists in the 21st century, examining specific examples of water planning and decision-making. Among the topics discussed by the authors are the current state of water engineering, sharing resources across state and international borders, and the best methods for managing the resource with the future impact of climate change and additional pollution. In this issue, Eos talks with lead editor Richard G. Lawford. Lawford is currently the Director of the International Global Energy and Water Cycle (GEWEX) Project Office in Silver Spring, Maryland. During the time this book was in preparation he worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Global Programs in Silver Spring, Maryland.