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A new AGU book, Solar Variability and Its Effects on Climate, edited by Judit M. Pap and Peter Fox, presents a description of the most recent results on solar variability and its possible influence on the Earth's climate and atmosphere. The book explores the challenges facing researchers studying solar-terrestrial physics in their interdisciplinary work to understand and predict the global effects from the Sun's influence. Sections in the monograph focus on the energy transport from the Sun's interior to Earth's atmosphere, the influences that can lead to varying solar signals and how they affect long-term global climate change, and a summary of strategies and requirements for future research.

In this issue, Eos talks with lead editor Judit M. Pap. Pap is senior research scientist at the Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and NASA Goddard Space Science Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.