Comment on “Investigating environmental tectonics in Northern Alpine Foreland of Europe”



A recent article in Eos by S. Cloetingh, P Ziegler, T.Cornu, and the ENTEC Working Group (9 September 2003, pp. 349, 356–357) describes research activities and plans of the Environmental Tectonics research network (ENTEC) on lithospheric processes, neotectonics, and surface processes in the northern Alpine foreland.

Three main areas of investigations are the Vienna Basin, the Upper Rhine Graben (URG), and the Lower Rhine Graben (LRG). In Figure 3a of the article, a color-coded relief map of the topography of the LRG is presented. In addition to the topography, earthquake epicenters are shown, and Tertiary and Quaternary faults are indicated.