Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Reply [to ”Comment on “Investigating environmental tectonics in northern alpine foreland of Europe’”]



In our recent contribution to Eos [Cloetingh et al., 2003], we have reported on the scope, objectives, and initial results of a multidisciplinary research program probing the connection between lithosphere processes and surface processes in the Alpine foreland of northwestern Europe.

In his comment on this article, Hinzen has zoomed in on the seismicity in the Lower Rhine Embayment, bringing to the attention of the Eos reader unpublished work [e.g., Meidow, 1995] and recent work carried out by Hinzen and associates [e.g., Reamer and Hinzen, 2004] on the German section of the Lower Rhine Embayment, published after the appearance of our Eos contribution.