Changing Sea Levels: Effects of Tides, Weather and Climate



Variability in sea level is one of the most readily observable dynamic features of the coastal ocean, obvious to the most casual beachgoer, and of concern to a rapidly growing portion of the world population.

Sea level varies on an astoundingly large variety of scales, from surface waves and seiches, tides, and storm surge, to longer-term variability both man-made and natural. All of these sources of variability are not only of scientific interest but also of great societal importance, due to the ever-increasing percentage of the human population living in coastal regions. David Pugh's clearly written and cleanly presented new book, Changing Sea Levels: Effects of Tides, Weather and Climate, covers these topics at a level of sophistication appropriate for an undergraduate science course. The book is rich in the history, lore, and culture of tides and other sea level phenomena, and discusses the ecological and societal impacts of sea level change across the spectrum of phenomena.