Testing the IZZI protocol of geomagnetic field intensity determination



[1] A new paleointensity determination protocol (the IZZI method) was recently proposed. The IZZI technique combines the Aitken (in-field, zero-field; IZ) and Coe (zero-field, in-field; ZI) methods. The IZZI protocol of paleointensity method was experimentally tested, showing a strong angular dependence resulting from the undemagnetized portions of partial thermoremanent magnetization (pTRM) tails. The IZZI method is better than the conventional techniques (Aitken, Coe, and Thellier) in three respects: (1) it can easily detect the angular dependence; (2) it provides a quantitative estimate for the consistency of the outcome between IZ and ZI step; and (3) it is quicker because the extra pTRM tail check step is unnecessary.