Spatially-resolved spectroscopy at 1.6 μm of Titan's atmosphere and surface



[1] We present spatially-resolved, low-resolution (λ/Δλ ∼ 1,500) spectroscopy of the leading hemisphere of Titan in the H-band (1.5–1.7 μm) using adaptive optics. Spatial variations of surface albedo are observed in images at 1.55–1.57 μm, which are clearly distinct from stratospheric haze. There is a significant increase in albedo around the southern (summer) pole at 1.62 μm. Using a plane-parallel radiative transfer model to fit the observed spectra, we find a 61% increase in tropopause haze opacity (τ = 0.100 from 30–40 km) around the southern pole relative to the rest of the disk (where τ = 0.062 from 30–40 km).