Satellite radar interferometry time series analysis of surface deformation for Los Angeles, California



[1] The Los Angeles, California, metropolitan area is a tectonically active region with surface deformation that is a combination of fault related tectonics plus a variety of natural and anthropogenic signals. We apply the small baseline subset (SBAS) algorithm to produce an interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) time series analysis for the Los Angeles area using data acquired by the ERS satellites from late 1995 into 2002. The result is a space-time deformation product that can be exploited to view not only the smoothly varying long-term surface motion, but also its time varying patterns. Large seasonal oscillations of the Santa Ana aquifer observed in Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN) data are accurately matched in the InSAR time series, moreover, correlations of the InSAR time series with an annual sinusoid allows us to investigate the dynamics of the hydrologic system.