Propagating features in the eddy field of the North Atlantic Current



[1] The variations of eddy kinetic energy (EKE) can presumably be used as a proxy to identify changes in the position of currents. The interannual variability of EKE in the North Atlantic Current (NAC) has exhibited meridional displacements of EKE anomalies. This research aimed to detect propagating signals in the EKE field using Complex Singular Value Decomposition (CSVD) analysis. The analysis showed a quasi-meridional propagation of the interannual EKE signal downstream the NAC core. Almost two EKE waves were identified between 1993 and 2003 with a period of about 6 years. The interannual change of EKE inside the Mann Eddy (ME) appeared to be dominated by standing oscillations. Large positive EKE anomalies south of 45°N appeared after the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) had changed from positive to negative phase in the winters of 1995/1996 and 2000/2001.