Ionospheric Weather Forecasting on the Horizon


  • Robert Schunk,

  • Ludger Scherliess,

  • Jan J. Sojka,

  • Donald C. Thompson,

  • Lie Zhu


In an effort to mitigate the adverse effects of the ionosphere on military and civilian operations, specification and forecast models are being developed that employ state-of-the-art data assimilation techniques. Utah State University has recently developed two data assimilation models for the ionosphere as part of the USU Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements (USU GAIM) program. One of these models is currently being implemented at the Air Force Weather Agency for operational use. The USU-GAIM models are also being used for scientific studies, and this should lead to a dramatic advance in our understanding of ionospheric physics similar to what occurred in meteorology and oceanography after the introduction of data assimilation models in those fields.