Correction to “Sediment detachment by rain power”



This article corrects:

  1. Sediment detachment by rain power Volume 39, Issue 1, ESG 1-1–ESG 1-12, Article first published online: 3 January 2003

[1] In the paper “Sediment detachment by rain power” by Emmanuel J. Gabet and Thomas Dunne (Water Resources Research, 39(1), 1002, doi:10.1029/2001WR000656, 2003), errors inadvertently appeared in Table 1 and Figure 6. In Table 1 the heading for column 8 presently reads A(equation image, d), but it should read ∑A(equation image, d). In Figure 6 a summation sign should also be inserted in front of A(equation image, d) in both the y axis label and the equation.