Community InSAR Workshop calls for robust program and dedicated satellite mission



A recent workshop to guide U.S. efforts in interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) was supported by an overwhelming community response. Workshop participants called for a robust InSAR program that includes improved access to InSAR data and a dedicated U.S.-led InSAR mission.

Held last fall, the workshop brought together researchers in the fields of crustal deformation, cryospheric studies, hydrology land cover, oceanography, and planetary sciences with specialists in information technology and education and outreach. The workshop's purpose was to inform the community of the state of the art in satellite radar, to describe mission opportunities, and to receive community recommendations for needed InSAR measurements of Earth and planetary processes. Over 350 people registered their interest in the workshop, and 220 participants from 116 institutions and a variety of disciplines attended.