New edition of the Global Paleomagnetic Database



A new version of the Global Paleomagnetic Database—GPMDB V 4.6—is available now at the Tectonics Special Research Centre of the University of Western Australia Web site ( This version contains 9259 paleomagnetic poles from 7513 rock units published in 3673 articles up to December 2004 inclusive.

This version has also been completely updated using the latest International Stratigraphic Chart published by the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) on its Web site ( This new timescale is significantly different from the timescale which has been used in the database for the past decade. All entries in the database based on biostratigraphic ages have had their absolute minimum and maximum age limits revised according to this new scale. Therefore, users of the database who have compiled their own files based on the old database should be aware that the assigned absolute ages have now changed.