Web site on marine connectivity around Australia



The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), with support from the Western Australian Government, has developed an online tool for marine scientists and managers to investigate the largescale patterns of spatial connectivity around Australia that are associated with ocean current transport (Figure l). This tool, referred to as the Australian Connectivity Interface, or Aus-Connle, is expected to find applications in areas such as tracer dispersion studies (see example by Ridgway and Condie [2004]), larval dispersion and recruitment, and the development of scenarios and preliminary risk assessments for contaminant dispersion in the marine environment.

After selecting a region of interest, users can investigate where material carried into that region comes from, or where material originating in that region goes to, over a range of timescales (weeks to months). These connectivity statistics are based on large numbers of particle trajectories (one million at any given time) estimated from satellite altimeter data, coastal tide-gauge data, and winds from meteorological models ]Condie et al., 2005]. Users can save the results in a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, or XML) and, as an option, may save their sessions by first registering.