[1] An extraordinary warming of the Atlantic inflow to the Norwegian Sea toward the Arctic is observed over the last decade. In light of that we investigate the seasonal and interannual variations of the heat flux in the eastern Norwegian Atlantic Current (NwASC) using moored temperature (T)- and current (v) measurements in the Svinøy section (62°N); 1995–2005. By splitting the heat flux anomaly (vT)′ into v′equation image and equation imageT′ (equation image, equation image: 10-year means; v′T′ negligible), we examine the relative contributions from variations in v and T. The dominating seasonal signal coincides almost completely with v′equation image, whilst equation imageT′ has a minor modulating effect. On the interannual timescale the heat-flux anomaly also coincides with v′equation image, while equation imageT′ contributes significantly to the long term trend. There is a downward 10-year trend in the velocity field of 3.9 cm s−1 (12%), combined with a 1°C increase in temperature, resulting in a constant heat flux.