Planetary wave oscillations in mesospheric winds, equatorial evening prereversal electric field and spread F



[1] Analysis of the MLT region winds measured by a meteor radar and the evening F region vertical plasma drift (prereversal zonal electric field -PRE) measured by digisondes over low latitude sites in Brazil, provide evidence of planetary wave (PW) scale oscillations of episodic nature simultaneously at mesospheric and F region heights. ∼4-day and 7-day periods are found to dominate the event analyzed. The PW scale oscillations in the PRE produces strong modulation in the equatorial spread F (ESF) irregularity processes as diagnosed by the digisondes. Considerations on the PRE development mechanism involving the E layer integrated conductivity including the effect of metallic ions and tidal winds point to the source of the PRE oscillations to be PW modulation of E region tidal winds. The PW oscillations in PRE appear to be an important source of the day-to-day variability in the ESF.