Description and climatology of a new general circulation model of the Martian atmosphere



[1] The paper presents a new grid point global general circulation model (GCM) for the Martian atmosphere with the vertical domain extending from the surface into the lower thermosphere (around 130 km). The model contains the comprehensive physical parameterizations relevant to this altitude range, including a novel CO2 15 μm band radiation scheme for the non-LTE. The performance of the model is shown in the zonal mean fields simulated for several seasons. The comparison demonstrates a good agreement with the temperature measurements by the Thermal Emission Spectrometer below 40 km and an overall agreement with the results from other Martian GCMs. The model was used to demonstrate that the global meridional transport during solstices is forced primarily by eddies and that the ability of the model to simulate the winter polar warming depends on the ability to resolve the longitudinal disturbances, both topographically and radiatively generated.