Three-dimensional finite difference time domain modeling of the Schumann resonance parameters on Titan, Venus, and Mars



[1] The conducting ionosphere and conducting surface of Titan, Venus, and Mars form a concentric resonator, which would support the possibility of the existence of global electromagnetic resonances. On Earth, such resonances are commonly referred to as Schumann resonances and are excited by lightning discharges. The detection of such resonances on other planets would give a support for the existence of the electrical discharges in the lower atmosphere on these planets. In this paper, a three-dimensional finite difference time domain modeling for the extremely low frequency propagation is employed to study the Schumann resonance problems on Titan, Venus, and Mars. The atmospheric conductivity profiles for these studies are derived from the previously reported ionospheric models for these planets. The Schumann resonance frequencies and Q factors on these planets are calculated and are critically compared with those obtained from the previously published models.