Radio Science

Penetration through a slot in a conducting plane backed by a conducting-walled channel: Transverse magnetic case



[1] The penetration of fields through an infinite slot in a conducting plane backed by a channel is examined. The total field in the interior of the channel and above the conducting plane is determined by two independent integral equation methods: (1) coupled integral equations which can be used to determine the fields for a channel with an arbitrarily shaped cross section and (2) a single integral equation which involves a Green's function specific to the shape of the channel. Data from the two methods are presented for the equivalent currents obtained from the integral equations, for the fields near the channel-backed slot, and for the actual currents present on the conducting surfaces. Methods for determining the currents and fields for the case of a transverse-electric-to-slot-axis excitation were presented in part 1. This second part focuses on the development of techniques for determining fields and currents in cases where the excitation produces a field that is transverse magnetic to the slot axis.