Water Resources Research

Genetic algorithms for the design of looped irrigation water distribution networks



[1] A new computer model called Genetic Algorithm Pipe Network Optimization Model (GENOME) has been developed with the aim of optimizing the design of new looped irrigation water distribution networks. The model is based on a genetic algorithm method, although relevant modifications and improvements have been implemented to adapt the model to this specific problem. It makes use of the robust network solver EPANET. The model has been tested and validated by applying it to the least cost optimization of several benchmark networks reported in the literature. The results obtained with GENOME have been compared with those found in previous works, obtaining the same results as the best published in the literature to date. Once the model was validated, the optimization of a real complex irrigation network has been carried out to evaluate the potential of the genetic algorithm for the optimal design of large-scale networks. Although satisfactory results have been obtained, some adjustments would be desirable to improve the performance of genetic algorithms when the complexity of the network requires it.