Correction [to “Hydrology's efforts toward the cyberfrontier,”]


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This article corrects:

  1. Hydrology's efforts toward the cyberfrontier Volume 87, Issue 1, 2–6, Article first published online: 3 January 2006


In the 3 January 2006 issue (Eos, 87 (1), 2006), two lines of one article appear in an adjoining article.

In “Hydrology's Efforts Toward the Cyberfrontier,” by Christina Bandaragoda et al.,the article's concluding paragraphs on page 6 are: The HIS should include the capability to interact with other software tools, but which ones? Survey responses show that in hydrologic research,FORTRAN is the most popular programming language, Microsoft Excel is most used for data management, and Matlab is most used for mathematics and statistics work.