Extending AGU's digital library


  • Curtis Collins,

  • Jean-Louis Bougeret,

  • John Costa,

  • Ruth DeFries,

  • Jeffrey Freymueller,

  • Joyce Penner,

  • Ross Stein,

  • Kiyoshi Suyehiro,

  • Xubin Zeng


AGU has a long and proud history of publishing. The Union's most visible and stalwart publication, the Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR), traces its roots to 1896, when the journal Terrestrial Magnetism first appeared. Since then, AGU's publications have come to include more than a dozen journals, books, maps, and the venerable Eos Transactions, which you are reading now.

By far, the largest amount of AGU's published output has been in the form of printed media. Print communications have served scholars for centuries, and they remain valuable. However, today's investigators expect to conduct research in the digital environment of the Internet, where material can be more easily found, accessed, and utilized. Consequently, it is common for scholarly publishers these days to convert their older, print content so that it is accessible and usable on the Internet, a process often called ‘retrospective digitization.’ AGU is embarking on such a process.