China Digital Seismic Network improves coverage and quality



In less than a decade since the establishment of the China Digital Seismic Network (CSN),the CSN has provided a comprehensive database vital for several key advances in seismological research in China.These advances for the network—which is comprised of the China National Digital Seismograph Network (CNDSN) and a number of regional networks (see Figure 1 for geographical distribution)—include the determination of source parameters and focal mechanism and the study of earthquake rupture processes, Earth structure, and seismic anisotropy.

Since 2003, an ongoing national project has been the upgrading and expansion of the CSN. When complete in 2007, the CSN will consist of more than 1000 permanent stations, including six seismic arrays and six volcano seismic networks. The expanded CSN will provide excellent opportunities for geodynamicists and seismologists to resolve the fine structures and complexity of the lithosphere and deeper mantle, and to quantify the kinematics and characterize the dynamics of faults in seismogenic systems. These are important research areas that can lead to important breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of continental dynamics and earthquake mechanics.