On award to Crichton



It is somewhat unusual for a scientific society to criticize the actions of another learned or professional society [Brigham-Grette et al., 2006]. So when the Council of the American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) takes issue with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists over its 2006 Journalism Award to writer and climate skeptic Michael Crichton, citing a recently issued government scientific report [Karl et al., 2006],one must take notice.

The AMQUA council members demonstrate that they have not read (or understood) the cited Karl et al. U.S. Climate Change Science Program report. It is true that the report's summary (and press release) claim ‘clear evidence’ for anthropogenic global warming, but the report itself clearly contradicts this. Specifically Figure 5.4G, which compares key observations with the calculations of major greenhouse models, shows a considerable disparity. There are other differences between observed and calculated ‘fingerprints’ of temperature trends [Singer, 2006], further demonstrated by more detailed comparisons [Douglass et al., 2004].