Substorm associated magnetotail energetic electrons pitch angle evolutions and flow reversals: Cluster observation



[1] The Cluster satellites observed a distinct pattern in the evolution of energetic electron pitch angle distributions on November 13, 2003, in the mid-tail (radius >10RE) associated with intensifications of these electron fluxes that accompanied an observed local dipolarization of the magnetic field. The intensity of electrons (20–200 keV) were first observed to increase for perpendicular pitch angles (pancake distribution), then evolve into isotropic distributions, then further evolve into mixed distributions - a combination of perpendicularly peaked distributions and beamlike distributions (cigar distribution), and at the end of each of three episodes always evolved into a beamlike or field-aligned distribution. This evolution pattern seen at a relative fixed observing (satellite) location usually developed within the locally observed dipolarization time scale. We have interpreted this pattern to indicate that electrons were coming from different regions along the magnetotail and have gotten accelerated differently. This has led us to suggest and present a model in which Fermi acceleration dominates for electrons that are accelerated from the reconnection region, while betatron acceleration dominates for electrons that are accelerated from the mid-tail region that is very close to the satellite location.