Formula representation of auroral ionospheric O+ outflows based on systematic simulations with effects of soft electron precipitation and transverse ion heating



[1] Systematic Dynamic Fluid Kinetic (DyFK) model simulations are conducted to obtain a simulation-based formula representation of the O+ outflow flux level versus the energy flux of soft electron precipitation, and wave spectral density of transverse wave heating in the high-latitude auroral region. Based on results of 140 DyFK simulations of auroral outflows, we depict the O+ outflows at the ends of these two hour simulation runs in spectrogram form versus these parameters. We also approximate the results by the formula representation: image = 8.8(3.0 × 105 + 2fe1.4 × 107)(tanh (8Dwave) + 0.2Dwave0.6), where image is the O+ number flux in cm−2/s at 3 RE mapped to 1000 km altitude, fe is the electron precipitation energy flux in ergs cm−2/s, and Dwave is the wave electric field spectral density at O+ gyrofrequency at 1 RE in (mV)2 m−2 Hz−1. This formula representation provides a convenient way to set the boundary conditions of the ionosphere in global magnetosphere simulation since the ionosphere is the important plasma source of the magnetosphere.