• Island of Pantelleria;
  • Sicily Channel;
  • ground deformation monitoring;
  • plumbing system;
  • volcanic activity

[1] The Island of Pantelleria, located between the coasts of Sicily (Italy) and Tunisia, is deforming due to volcanic and tectonic activity. Here we use electro-optical distance meter, leveling, GPS, and differential interferometry synthetic aperture radar data to constrain the inter-eruptive deformation pattern. We observe subsidence affecting the main caldera of Pantelleria, in the central southern sector of the island. Subsidence is mainly related to hydrothermal cooling and/or fluid withdrawal from a shallow (4 km below sea level) magma chamber located beneath the caldera. The relationships between the caldera area and the remnant part of the island are also investigated through a review of petrographic, geochemical, and structural data.