Variability of recent ground surface temperature changes in the Albuquerque basin, central New Mexico



[1] Subsurface temperature measurements have been taken at four sites over a large area within the Albuquerque basin, central New Mexico. These data were taken in the unsaturated zone in order to avoid potential water movement in the saturated zone, so that a better estimate of surface temperature change might be realized. The data imply surface temperature change is not constant across the area. Unexpectedly, large upward water flow is suggested at one site having a very unique hydrogeologic environment. Different amounts of surface warming, likely caused by land cover change and encroaching urbanization, are estimated at two other sites. Data from a fourth site do not indicate a statistically significant surface temperature change, although the effects of urbanization and possibly increased evaporation in the past several years add ambiguity to the interpretation. These four sites indicate the potential variability of phenomena affecting subsurface temperatures in the Albuquerque basin.