PlanetWRF: A general purpose, local to global numerical model for planetary atmospheric and climate dynamics



[1] A new planetary atmospheric numerical model, “planetWRF,” has been developed by modifying the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. The model has generalized map projection, multiscale, and nesting capabilities, blurring the distinction between global and mesoscale models and enabling investigation of coupling between processes on all scales, including global. The model can also be run in one, two, or three dimensions. The conversion of the dynamical core for global application by altering the map projection grid and the boundary conditions as well as conversion of the physics parameterizations and constants for planetary application are described. Validation of the global dynamical core through use of standard forcing scenarios is presented. Example results from a series of simulations for Mars, Titan, and Venus are shown to demonstrate that the model performs well for a variety of planets and operating modes (microscale, mesoscale, and global scale).