A generalized formulation of the protection ratio applicable to frequency coordination in digital radio relay networks



[1] This paper proposes an efficient and comprehensive algorithm for computing the protection ratio and illustrates some results applicable to the initial planning of frequency coordination for fixed wireless networks. A net filter discrimination depending upon transmitter spectrum mask and overall receiver filter characteristic is also examined to see the effect of adjacent channel interferences. Numerical simulations for cochannel and adjacent channel protection ratios are performed for the 6.2 GHz frequency band, including transmitter spectrum mask and receiver filter response. According to results for 64-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) and 60 km at bit error ratio 10−6, fade margin and cochannel protection ratio are 41.1 and 74.9 dB, respectively. In addition, it is shown that the net filter discrimination for 30 MHz channel bandwidth provides 26.5 dB at the first adjacent channel, which yields adjacent channel protection ratio of 48.4 dB. The proposed method gives an easy and systematic method to compute the protection ratio and can be applied to frequency coordination in fixed wireless networks up to the millimeter wave band.