Rainfall rate modeling and worst month statistics for millimetric line-of-sight radio links in South Africa



[1] Rain attenuation has a serious impact on the availability and performance of radio communication services operating in the frequencies above 10 GHz. In order to reliably predict rain attenuation for a given location, there is a need for studying monthly and seasonal rainfall variability, worst month and average worst month statistics of rain, and rainfall rate distribution models for the site under study. In this paper, the tasks are tackled by processing 5-year (a) rain rate data for selected sites in South Africa. The dependence of the percentage of the average year (AY) on percentage of time of the average worst month (AWM) of rainfall rate and the obtained rainfall rate distribution models for eight regions in South Africa are assessed by examining the root-mean-square (RMS), the average probability ratio (APR), and chi-square statistic (CHI) on the basis of measured data and the International Telecommunication Union recommendation (ITU-R) estimations.