• cylindrical phase screen;
  • 2-D propagation;
  • inhomogeneous

[1] In this paper, we investigate the forward modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation through an inhomogeneous, two-dimensional (2-D) atmosphere where the transmitter is located at a finite distance from the Earth. A new cylindrical multiple phase-screen method is developed and both the cylindrical and the traditional planar multiple phase-screen models are applied to an inhomogeneous atmosphere with a simple refractivity profile. It was found that the two methods yield results that agree very well on the same output cylindrical phase-screen after the wave was propagated through the atmosphere. Since the cylindrical approach better matches the physical phenomenology of the waves, the phase fronts were found to deviate less over the cylindrical phase-screens than over the planar screens. Therefore, the cylindrical multiple phase-screen model requires a smaller number of points to perform the Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) and Inverse FFT than the planar phase screen model, and thus has a higher efficiency. The cylindrical phase-screen model can also serve as a new direct and independent check for the traditional planar phase-screen model.