[Comment on “Exaggerated claims about earthquake predictions: Analysis of NASA's method”] Pattern informatics and cellular seismology: A comparison of methods



The recent article in Eos by Kafka and Ebel [2007] is a criticism of a NASA press release issued on 4 October 2004 describing an earthquake forecast (http://quakesim.jpl.nasa.gov/scorecard.html) based on a pattern informatics (PI) method [Rundle et al., 2002]. This 2002 forecast was a map indicating the probable locations of earthquakes having magnitude m>5.0 that would occur over the period of 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2009. Kafka and Ebel [2007] compare the Rundle et al. [2002] forecast to a retrospective analysis using a cellular seismology (CS) method. Here we analyze the performance of the Rundle et al. [2002] forecast using the first 15 of the m>5.0 earthquakes that occurred in the area covered by the forecasts.