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Supporting members and friends


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Thank you! Over the past year, AGU has received 12,871 gifts, both large and small, from members and friends. The Union has also received corporate contributions, National Science Foundation grants, and support from the National Oceanographic Partnership Program. Together their generosity has benefited AGU non-revenue-producing programs that are critical to our science and the future health of the Union.

The following list gratefully acknowledges annual gifts of $100 or more and cumulative giving of $5,000 or more. The 1919 Society ($100,000 or more) and Benefactors ($5,000–$99,999) recognize single major gifts and cumulative contributions. Three Circles acknowledge annual giving: President's Circle ($1,000 or more), Leadership Circle ($200–$999), and Supporters Circle ($100–$199). Supporting Life Members, who contribute a one-time gift of $1,200 in addition to lifetime dues, are among our most loyal supporters.