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gbc1506-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
gbc1506-sup-0002-ts01.txtplain text document2KTable S1. Estimated contributions to the natural air-sea CO2 flux trends, F', as in equation (2), averaged over the Southern Ocean (<35°S).
gbc1506-sup-0003-fs01.epsPS document455KFigure S1. Ten-year trends in the spatially integrated (<35°S), deseasonalized natural CO2 fluxes, calculated using the sliding window method described in the text.
gbc1506-sup-0004-fs02.epsPS document318KFigure S2. Histogram of 10-year trends in natural CO2 flux shown in Figure S1.
gbc1506-sup-0005-fs03.epsPS document335KFigure S3. Trends in the spatially integrated Southern Ocean (<35°S) fluxes of natural, anthropogenic, and contemporary CO2.
gbc1506-sup-0006-fs04.epsPS document3324KFigure S4. (a) Linear trends in the air-sea flux of natural CO2 and (b) trends linearly congruent with the wind speed index from 1958–2004.
gbc1506-sup-0007-fs05.epsPS document362KFigure S5. Ten-year trends in spatially averaged (<35°S) CO2 fluxes and their estimated contributions, as in equation (4).
gbc1506-sup-0008-fs06.epsPS document256KFigure S6. Temporal evolution of the ACC strength, defined as the mean x-direction velocity between 40°S and 60°S, 0 and 1000 m, and around the entire globe.
gbc1506-sup-0009-fs07.epsPS document1884KFigure S7. Linear trends in the (a) mixed layer depth and (b) export of particulate organic carbon from 1979 to 2004.
gbc1506-sup-0010-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
gbc1506-sup-0011-t02.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 2.

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