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ggge1214-sup-0002-fs01.epsPS document6252KFigure S1. Cumulative thickness of pelagic sediment versus age. Filled squares show felsic and white circles mafic ash layers correlated to field tephras (see Figure 1, Table 1 for acronyms) of known age after Kutterolf et al. [2008a]. The slopes of line segments between tephras yield average apparent accumulation rates (numbers in cm/ka). Note that ash beds C24 to C26 are only correlated between cores and until now not to deposits on land. Arrow in SI) marks a mafic ash layer attributed to Las Sierras Caldera and is older than the 60 ka of FT.
ggge1214-sup-0003-t01.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 1.

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