Contemporary total dissolved gas pressure and soil temperature anomalies recorded at Stromboli volcano (Italy)



[1] Soil temperature and total dissolved gas pressure (TDGP) data were recorded by two continuous monitoring stations on the volcano of Stromboli (Italy) between March and October 2006. During this period several TDGP and soil temperature anomalies, unrelated to external causes and characterized by a similar shape and occurrence time, were recorded. These anomalies were interpreted as transients due to changes in the degassing regime of the volcano, which was in turn related to changes in the partition ratio of the volcanic fluids between the conduit and the soil. In the same period Stromboli experienced an anomalous phase of volcanic and tectonic activity. The close correlation found between volcano-tectonic activity and variations in anomalous-monitored parameters suggests that their continuous monitoring may be a useful tool for the surveillance of volcanic activity on the island.