Correction to “Wind control of storm-triggered shallow landslides”



This article corrects:

  1. Wind control of storm-triggered shallow landslides Volume 34, Issue 3, Article first published online: 8 February 2007

[1] In the paper “Wind control of storm-triggered shallow landslides” by M. C. Rulli et al., Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L03402, doi:10.1029/2006GL028613, incorrect versions of Figures 2 and 3were published. The correct Figures 2 and 3 and their captions appear here.

Figure 2.

(left) Map of the local aspect of Capriola Creek. White areas are those where failures occurred. (right) Circular graph showing the aspect distribution for the whole basin (blue line) and for the subset of areas where the failures were observed (red line).

Figure 3.

Wind-driven hyetograph for the 19 June 1996 event in Capriola Creek.