Auxiliary material for this article contains albedo, radiative forcing, and backtrajectory figures as well as tables of dust mass loadings and isotopic analysis.

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grl23286-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document6Kreadme.txt
grl23286-sup-0002-ts01.txtplain text document1KTable S1. Timing and mass loading of dust events on snow cover in Senator Beck Basin, Colorado in 2003–2006.
grl23286-sup-0003-ts02.txtplain text document0KTable S2. Strontium and Nd isotopic data for dust events of 2005 and bedrock in the Senator Beck study basin.
grl23286-sup-0004-txts01.txtplain text document5KText S1. Detailed radiation measurements in the Senator Beck basin and the basis for the radiative forcing model.
grl23286-sup-0005-fs01.tifTIFF image3114KFigure S1. Time series of daily mean surface broadband and visible albedo (unitless) at subalpine and alpine sites.
grl23286-sup-0006-fs02.tifTIFF image2555KFigure S2. Time series of mean daily radiative forcing ranges, snow depth, dust deposition events, precipitation events, and dust concentration stratigraphy in the top 30 cm of snow pack for 2005.
grl23286-sup-0007-fs03.tifTIFF image2609KFigure S3. Same as Auxiliary Material Figure S2 but for 2006.
grl23286-sup-0008-fs04.tifTIFF image821KFigure S4. Mean backtrajectories for dust events across 2003–2006 from Senator Beck Basin, determined with the STILT model from event based ensembles of 300 trajectories.
grl23286-sup-0009-ms01.mpgMPEG video1555KMovie S1. Movie of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-10) (IR1-IR2) over southwestern United States.

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