• deposition;
  • nitrate;
  • Asia

[1] Atmospheric input of anthropogenic total nitrate to marginal seas in the western North Pacific region was simulated using a regional chemical transport model over East Asia based on year-to-year emission estimates during 1980–2003. Seasonal cycles and concentration levels of gas and aerosol were examined using observation data from various studies. The model simulated total nitrate deposition over the East China Sea (ECS) as 140 GgN/yr, which is the same order of the annual river discharge from the Yangtze River. The ratio of dry and wet deposition over ECS was obtained as approximately 6: 4. Total nitrate deposition over ECS corresponds to 3.2% (N base) of total NOx emission in China. The total deposition at present is three times larger than that of 1980, corresponding with increased NOx emissions.