Interferometric seismic imaging of crustal structure using scattered teleseismic waves



[1] The deployment of a dense seismic array of portable broadband stations has presented a number of imaging opportunities using scattered teleseismic waves. Interferometric seismic imaging (ISI) of surface-related multiple reflections extracted from cross-correlations of teleseismic waves among pairs of receiver stations was investigated for possible applications and compared to receiver function(RF) method. Synthetic seismograms simulated by the elastic pseudospectral method for a simple 2-D crustal model demonstrate the potential imaging capabilities of ISI for the Moho structure with high spatial resolution. ISI has also been applied to teleseismic data from dense-array experiments conducted at the Northern Fossa Magna Basin in central Japan. The results indicate that the Moho phase, with positive polarity at a depth of 38–40 km in the ISI profile, is consistent with the lower crustal structure estimated by RF imaging.