Link between European and North Atlantic abrupt climate changes over the last glaciation



[1] Sub-millennial timescale climate variations correlated with those in the North Atlantic area are identified in the loess sequence from Nussloch, Germany, exceptionally developed over the interval between about 38,000 and 18,000 years ago. The Dansgaard-Oeschger (DO) events 8 to 2, as well as some less pronounced warming episodes recorded in the Greenland ice have their counterpart in the Nussloch loess stratigraphy and in the variations of the loess grain-size index (GSI). The North Atlantic Heinrich events 3 and 2 are expressed at Nussloch as maxima of the GSI record. The similarity of the fine variations in the Nussloch loess and the Greenland ice records points to an intimate link of climate changes in Western Europe with those in the North Atlantic.