• GRIP snow pit;
  • beryllium-10;
  • modeling

[1] 10Be measured in a Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) snow pit (1986–1990) with a seasonal resolution is compared with the ECHAM5–HAM GCM run. The mean modeled 10Be concentration in ice (1.0·104 atoms/g) agrees well with the measured value (1.2·104 atoms/g). The measured 10Be deposition flux (88 atoms/m2/s) also agrees well with the modeled flux (69 atoms/m2/s) and the measured precipitation rate (0.67 mm/day) agrees with the modeled rate (0.61 mm/day). The mean surface temperature of −31°C estimated from δ18O is lower than the temperature measured at a near-by weather station (−29°C) and the modeled temperature (−26°C). During the 5-year period the concentrations and deposition fluxes, both measured and modeled, show a decreasing trend consistent with the increase in the solar activity. The variability of the measured and modeled concentrations and deposition fluxes is very similar suggesting that the variability is linked to a variability in production rather than the local meteorology.