Environmental aerosol chamber studies of extinction spectra of mineral dust aerosol components: Broadband IR-UV extinction spectra



[1] Mineral dust aerosol plays an important role in the Earth's radiative budget on both regional and global scales. To better understand the impact of this component of the Earth's atmosphere, the extinction spectra for several key components of mineral dust aerosol have been measured in an environmental aerosol reaction chamber. The extinction spectra are measured over a broad wavelength range, which includes both IR (650 to 5000 cm−1) and UV-Vis (12,500 to 40,000 cm−1) spectral regions. Experimental data are compared with Mie theory simulations derived from available literature optical constants. In a few cases, we have needed to modify the published optical constant data sets to ensure Kramers-Kronig consistency. In general, the Mie-based simulations are in excellent agreement with experimental data over the full IR-UV spectral range, except in the immediate neighborhood of the IR resonance absorption lines where particle shape effects on the resonance line profiles can be significant.