Comment on “Statistical distributions of dissipated power in electronic circuits immersed in a random electromagnetic field” by L. R. Arnaut


[1] The recent paper by Arnaut [2005] derived statistical distributions for power dissipation inside linear or nonlinear circuit elements driven by a circuit source and illuminated by an external random electromagnetic field. Arnaut [2005] derived probability density functions (pdfs) of the normalized power dissipated inside rectilinear, planar and volumetric resistive elements for various canonical representations. However, several of the pdfs, denoted by fS(·), were left unevaluated in the form of integrals. Here, I would like to point out that at least one of these integrals can be reduced to a closed form. Consider equation (12) of Arnaut [2005]:

equation image

for m > 1, where Iν(·) denotes the modified Bessel function of the first kind of order ν. Setting y = equation image, one can rewrite (1) as

equation image

[2] By equation ( of Prudnikov et al. [1986], one can reduce (2) to the explicit form

equation image

where n = [(m − 1) q − 1] + 1.