Electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell simulation on the impedance of a dipole antenna surrounded by an ion sheath



[1] We have newly developed a numerical tool for the analysis of antenna impedance in plasma environment by making use of electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell (PIC) plasma simulations. To validate the developed tool, we first examined the antenna impedance in a homogeneous kinetic plasma and confirmed that the obtained results basically agree with the conventional theories. We next applied the tool to examine an ion-sheathed dipole antenna. The results confirmed that the inclusion of the ion-sheath effects reduces the capacitance below the electron plasma frequency. The results also revealed that the signature of impedance resonance observed at the plasma frequency is modified by the presence of the sheath. Since the sheath dynamics can be solved by the PIC scheme throughout the antenna analysis in a self-consistent manner, the developed tool has feasibility to perform more practical and complicated antenna analyses that will be necessary in real space missions.