Ocean Monitoring Collaborations Between Europe and China: DRAGONESS Project Kickoff Meeting; Beijing, China, 11–12 October 2007



A coordinated, concerted action between Europe and China in ocean monitoring kicked off with its first meeting, held in Beijing.

The project, named DRAGONESS (DRAGON in support of harmonizing European and Chinese marine monitoring for Environment and Security System), is funded by the European Union's (EU) Framework Programme for 3 years. Researchers from the two continents will establish an inventory of Chinese and European capacities in marine monitoring for environment and security in the framework of challenges identified within international programs such as Global Ocean Observing System, Global Earth Observing System of Systems, and Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. In particular, the DRAGONESS aims to (1) assess existing Chinese and European information products and services arising from integrated use of remote-sensing, in situ observations, models, and data assimilation methods; (2) identify monitoring gaps and barriers (e.g., restrictive data availability); and (3) stimulate exchange and initiation of a new European-Chinese partnership in Earth observation science and technology in support of global environmental monitoring.