Cold Regions Hydrology and Water Management: Bridging the Gap: Prediction of Water Resources in Mountain and Northern Canada: What is Needed, What Can be Done—An IP3 Users/Stakeholders Community Workshop; Canmore, Alberta, Canada, 18–19 March 2008



Improved Processes and Parameterisation for Prediction in Cold Regions (IP3) is a research network funded by the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences ( With more than 80 members across Canada, the United States, and Europe, IP3 is devoted to the study and prediction of surface water, weather, and climate systems in cold regions, particularly Canada's Rocky Mountains and western Arctic. IP3 contributes to better understanding of ungauged basin streamflow, snow and water supplies, Arctic Ocean freshwater inputs, and sustainable management of mountain and northern water resources. These issues are important to agriculture, recreation, industrial development, regional planning, policy making, streamflow forecasting, and environmental conservation in the Canadian Rockies, prairies, and north.