Imaging an Active Volcano Edifice at Tenerife Island, Spain



An active seismic experiment to study the internal structure of Teide volcano is being carried out on Tenerife, a volcanic island in Spain's Canary Islands archipelago. The main objective of the Tomography at Teide Volcano Spain (TOM-TEIDEVS) experiment, begun in January 2007, is to obtain a three-dimensional (3-D) structural image of Teide volcano using seismic tomography and seismic reflection/refraction imaging techniques. At present, knowledge of the deeper structure of Teide and Tenerife is very limited, with proposed structural models based mainly on sparse geophysical and geological data. The multinational experiment—involving institutes from Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, and Mexico—will generate a unique highresolution structural image of the active volcano edifice and will further our understanding of volcanic processes.